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Yesterday we found out that our gypsy wanderings are far from over.
We had been told we could move in at the end of the month but by nobody's fault really that date has been strung out to the 20th of Jan. Twenty extra days. Forty days from today.

Forty days in the wilderness I thought.
I was sad and pretty angry. I have children who need a home. Heck I need a home! I miss my craft supplies and my stuff. I miss having a wardrobe.

I spent a lot of yesterday being grumpy. I would have to wait wait wait for the 20th.
And then it dawned on me.
These 40 days are no small amout of time. 40 todays to be used and enjoyed not resented and endured.

I can choose to grumble and pity myself or embrace the adventure. 

My mum told me that one day I will look back on this time and it will seem short and insignificant. A mere memory. 
I have the choice to shape that memory into something I regret or something I think of fondly.

God says to trust him and lean not on your own understanding. I know that through the bible when people wandered for 40 years or 40 days it was for great purpose and great good. So I can rejoice in trusting him these next few weeks and find joy in the adventure he has in store.

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