week two - the recovering sick ones

10:00 AM
The last part of our wandering story left us out in the country, sick and wounded being cared for by ma and pa.

It must have been something about the fresh country air but I was feeling much better the very next day. Myl had a few sleep in sick days and the girls perked up to see granny and waa waa.

Despite the more than usual toddler tantrums and the baby who decided not to eat solids most of the week we had a pretty great time. 

Lucy just adores her grandparents. Each night we pray with her and I ask what she is thankful for. Each night it was granny and waa waa. She would then explain in great detail what it was they did that day and what they would do tomorrow.

"We will do some chasing, and playing piggy in the middle, and stomping our feet."

We went on a little day trip to Orange and milthorpe. We had sushi and stopped for afternoon tea at the mill cafe. We then looked through this shop and I caught Myl buying me a few sneaky presents. 

I took my big girl on a much needed mama date. We went to Annie's ice cream a Bathurst institution. I can never go past the bridle track ice cream with chunks of Turkish delight and marshmallows. Lucy requested "pink".

I went on a trip down memory lane back to my old school for carols. You can read about that whole experience here. 

Myl and I left the kids with G and WW and headed to town for some dessert and Catching Fire at the movies. After a drive round town we discovered that NOTHING is open on a Tuesday night in B town so we made do with choc tops at the movies. (Dad later suggested maccas...) You really know you're a parent when the last time you went to the movies together it was to see the first hunger games movie. 

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