an ode to good friends

11:57 PM
you know you have a good friend when they

take you in after you've been vomiting for a day
give you their bed with clean soft sheets
smile at your kids
smell your stinky smell after a weekend of camping
in a church hall and a long drive in the car

you know they love you when they

forgive you for slightly almost burning their house down
fill their house with noise
their washing machine with dirty laundry
their floor with food scraps
their peace with chaos

when they camp out in the backyard so you can sleep in
a bed near your kids you know they're thinking of you.

when they make you food
when they chat and lend an ear
when they give you a much needed hug
when they let you drag them out to random
blogger cookie parties,

you know they're a good friend.

you know you've found a friend for life when they

are the godparents of your second child
when they pray with you
barrack for you
invite you to share christmas day with their family.

there's a good friend right there

or two.

I've been reflecting on our time in limbo and am so grateful for the time we spent with our dear friends. It's not many people who would have our harm sacrum brood in their house for such a long time with the love and class they did.
So grateful for them and so glad to have found such dear friends.

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