a little patch of grass

Our whole married life we've lived in Sydneys Inner West.
It's lovely there and not a day goes by that I don't miss the cafe culture,
the hustle and bustle and the ability to walk to so many fun and
interesting places.


There is one thing that makes our house super duper wonderful.
We have a backyard.

I don't get the ole inner-west cabin fever here. I just open the backdoor
and boom! instant relaxation, instant entertainment, instant buckets of
water to swish and play in for the girls.

And we have a little thriving vege patch! I realise that it is very dangerous
to use the words thriving and vege in the same sentence on the internet.
I will probably go outside to find a wild unicorn has devoured my basil in
the morning but let's go with it.
We only had slightly green areas in one of our previous houses and it was
so covered in shade that each vege or herb I tried to grow died a slow horrible
dark death.

But now, oh my the SUN! It fills our backyard bringing growth to our plants
and a glow to my skin.

It's been my life long dream to live in a house with a frangipani tree and now
wouldn't you know but we got one. It was one of the first things we bought
for the house. I'm looking forward to smelling those sweet blooms in the

My dad bought the girls a swing set and cubby house for Christmas so now
we don't even have to go to the park.

Are you going to go buy a backyard from the backyard shop now? Have I
convinced you of it's wonderfulness?

It's great. The silver lining on the hmmmpf of living in suburbia.

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