Ill like dominoes

8:13 PM

It's winter. 
How can you tell?
One member of our family has been sick since it started.
We've had the asthma wheeze from the big girl.
The runny snotty baby nose. 
The stoic man flu and the
we will have no laundry, lots of TV and takeaway for dinner mama flu.

Do you experience this too?

I've seen amazing acts of Super HusbandDad. Trips to the park with the girls so I can sleep, night wakers attended to and panadol and vomit bowl fetched. Yes. What. A. Man.

There's just enough time to get better and play nursemaid before it hits again.

Little Lu has been her sickest yet. She fell asleep in my arms in church and slept through the whole thing. (No offence to the preacher of course.)
Then slept and slept and slept.
For a kid who hasn't day napped in about a year it was actually pretty nice.
So quiet.

But now she's telling me that she wants to be cold and wants to be sick. Usually when it's time to get dressed and she wants to run about in the nicky noo nar.

"I want to be cold." She says. 
I blame Elsa.


  1. Winter has been much the same for us I'm afraid. I hope things pick up around your parts soon. This is my first time to your blog. It's lovely :) Visiting via #teamIBOT

  2. We had one out sick and that was all thank goodness. I get frustrated when illness comes in the holidays. It's no fun for anyone.


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