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One of the first things that Smalls could say was "book."
She would waddle over, book in hand, blurt out her wonderful word (which tbh sounded a bit more like wook) and plonk her little bot down in my lap. Settled and ready to go.

My work here is done.

Dot is the same. She has the longest attention span for a good book and a killer imagination.
Books are a wonderful gift we can give our girls.
And it's not just us. The girls are often getting brown paper packages in the
mail from Waa Waa filled with lovely picture books.

So, I thought I'd share some of the books that we love.
The ones we read so many times I'd get sick of them if they weren't so gosh
darn amazing.
And I might share some of the ones that no matter how many times they
disappear down the back of the lounge they always find their way back.
I'm sure you are familiar with the ones.

Let's start with a good old Mem Fox fest.

My mum read this book to me when I was little and bought for us our very first copy. I love to read it to my very own koala Lu.
It's the story of a little koala who thinks her mother doesn't love her anymore because she is always so busy with her younger siblings. She enters the bush Olympics to try and show her mother that she is worthy of love but realises that her mother always has and always will love her.
It's a book I find myself fighting back tears at the end of and I always find myself hugging my little koala extra tight when we are done.

Mum and I once read it to the kids at Sunday school as it really reminds you of the kind of love God has for his little ones too. No matter what might be going on or how much attention you feel you are getting, you are always so loved.

The refrain, "Koala Lou I do love you" is one often heard around our house.

This is a book both of the girls loved from when they were really little. Like about six months old. It's a pretty basic story; we're looking for the green sheep. Here is the blue sheep, the red sheep, the bath sheep the bed sheep. Lots of lovely rhymes and bright rainbow pictures courtesy of Judy Horacek.It's simple, but brilliant. Loads of crazy sheep getting up to all kinds of antics, plenty of opportunity for wild bleating, circus music, train noises and puffs of wind. My favourite sheep is the near sheep who has come right up close to the page of the book and the far sheep who stands on a distant hill. Makes me giggle every time. Of course this book is also wonderful for bed time as the infamous green sheep is found fast asleep. *spoilers*

And another bed time book beloved by Smalls for it's animal noise making potential. This kid loves animal noises. I think this book may have inspired a 
All Images from the Mem Fox website where you can find out more about them and buy them too.

Do you have any Mem Fox favourites?

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