who made it?

3:45 PM

My big girl has a wonderful imagination.
she likes to think about fairies and queens
going on adventures with pirates and chasing
animals in the jungle.

This winter she has talked all about seeing snow
apparently that's what happens in Winter. It also
apparently snows at Christmas time so we shall see
how that goes...
We did chance upon some snow at Granny and Waa
Waas but before that all it would take was a little
prompt and an Elsa like flourish of the hands and
imaginary snow would appear.

Imagination is a wonderful thing.

A few weeks ago when G and WW were coming for a
visit Lu wanted to jump out and surprise them.
She walked inside the cupboard in the spare room and
asked me to close the door. I told her that they might
take some time having heard they had not yet left on
their three hour trip but Lu was not deterred.
She sat in that cupboard for a good hour.
I would check on her every now and then but she would
smile and say that she was happy in there and just hiding.

Eventually her patience ran out.

Sometimes I like to watch her play with her toys inventing
stories and characters. I'll hear the words I say echoed by
the "mummy" dolly. A good reminder to be careful with
my words.

And the questions! Oh the questions!

My favourite lately gets me every time.

"Mummy, who made Playschool?"
"Mummy, who made this carrot?"
"Mummy, who made the Sydney Opera House?"

I try an answer.

"I'm not sure."
"We did, in our garden."
"Some very strong and clever people."

But she's always one step ahead of me.

"No Mummy, It was Jesus."

Well played Lu.

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