Adventures to the Gap

12:00 AM
You will rarely find our family faffing round at home on Myls day off.
We like to go on adventures.
It doesn't take much to be an adventure. Just us together, our imaginations, good food and somewhere new.

We took a day trip to Watsons Bay and had a fine time seeing the sights and tasting the local fish and chips.
It seemed the seagulls were particularly partial to a calimari ring as a few were nipped out of our hands!
The cheek!
I feel like seagulls are getting more game lately. I don't ever remember them swarming the
way they do now when I was younger. Or am I just forgetting?
We taught the girls how to shoo the gulls away and they spent some wonderful time chasing
the pesky birds.
Fun for all!

We wandered up to the lookout over the sea. There is nothing like seeing water stretched
out to the horizon. So refreshing.
We played in the park and sung in the rotunda a la Liesel and Rolf or perhaps Anna and Elsa in the ice castle. I can never be sure.

Of course the day wasn't complete with out an Ineverwanttoleavethisplace meltdown.
Goodbye is such a hard word to say.

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