good morning

There is something very important about starting the day well.
I'm not sure if having good mornings has become even more important
since staying at home with two little girls or whether it was always thus
but as time marches on I'm realising that myfree spirit, wandery looong
sleep in days are well and truly over.

It's Winter. Our house is not particularly well insulated. I'll be frank, it's freezing.
The last thing I want to do at 7am is remove my toasty warm body from it's doona cocoon.
But if I want to be any kind of organised it's what I need to do.

Our Summer lasted longer than average this year and I was being so super
good at waking up and exercising, eating breakfast, reading the good book
and putting on a load of laundry on the line by 10am.
I felt like super woman.
With the help of #alittletoofluffy and #shereads truth I was disciplined and active.
Trimming off the waistline and feeling so bright and happy, a glow upon my face.*
Eating a good breakfast is magic. No 11am raid of the cupboard for snacks.
Real honest hunger at lunchtime and the energy to make it and tiredness at 10am for a long nights sleep and an early wake up.
I was nicer to my girls. More lovely to my husband. I had patience with the hard things
in my day. I felt confident. I was reading God's word regularly and it was feeding my soul.
Living. The. Dream.

And then it got cold. So cold.

My discipline has gone out the window but the memory of happy days and eaten
breakfasts remains.
Each night I set my mind to getting out to pound the pavement and each morning
I look out on the rain and mist and roll over again.

Why are the things that are so good for us the hardest things to do?
Why does living in Sydney give you winter denial?

I can feel spring on the horizon. It's going to spur me on to morning wakefulness.
Will you join me?
I'm going to post a glimpse of my morning up on Instagram. It might be my face with eyes
that take way too long to open. My bowl of muslea, the mist outside my window. A small
child who has climbed into our bed way too early.
I hope it can be an encouragement if you too would like to start the day well and have a
good morning. I'd love you to do the same.

I love this quote so much. Many mornings when my feet finally hit the floor I crank around the house wishing I could go back to bed.
Finally I wake up and the day has started all wrong.
I get behind on the laundry, skip breakfast, snap at a child and end up late for whatever we have on that day.

Oh boy do I love a sleep in but this stumble sleepy cranky lady just isn't who I want to be each morning. I'd like the perky spring in my step to brighten the day and make me useful.

Use the hashtag #scarethemorning and follow along @rinny_e

Let's try it! Are you in?

*Even if it was the beetroot like glow of a woman who has just gone running.

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