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It's been a while since her birthday but I wasn't blogging then and I only just discovered the question sheet tucked away in my journal.

So here it is, Lucy at three.
The italic is my comments.

1. Favourite colour - pink
2. Favourite toy - Queens. I'm not quite sure which toy this is...
3. Favourite fruit  - Cookies! That's not a fruit. I explain what fruit is (oh boy) Apples! 
4. Favourite thing to watch on TV - Nemo
5. Favourite food to have for lunch - Cookies! We had just baked some. 
After being told that cookies are not really a lunch food. Peanut butter sandwich.
6. Favourite thing to wear - This dress.
7. Favourite game - Hide and Seek. Piggy in the Middle.
8. Favourite snack - Wait for it... Cookies!
9. Favourite animal - Elephants and giraffes and big dada monkeys. That's what we call gorillas.
10. Favourite song - Twinkle Little Star. She thinks again. A loud song.
11. Favourite book - Laura's Star.
12. Your best friend - Toto and Fluffy and Wandy. The toys right in front of her. 
Granted they are pretty special. I try to explain that maybe her best friend might be a person. Eliza!
13. Favourite cereal - Weet Bix.
14. Favourite thing to do outside - Play on the swings.
15. Favourite thing to drink - Pink milk!
16. Favourite holiday - My favourite holiday is a camping holiday and we can sleep in a tent!
17. What do you like to take to bed? Wandy, Fluffy, Toto.
18. Favourite food for breakfast - Cookies! She thinks she's a comedian now. 
I give her the hairy eyeball. Weetbix and pancakes.
19. What would you like to have for dinner on your birthday? - An orange cake with pink and orange and it can have yellow and blue. It could be a rainbow cake! Mum, I would like a rainbow cake and it can be gooooooood to eeeeeeeeat!
Dinner! Dinner child! Do you want the whole internets thinking i feed you nothing but cake and cookies!?!? 
Breakfast foods. Too late. She's all excited. I'M ON A SAW HORSE! I WOULD LIKE TOTO
20. What would you like to be when you grow up? - A big girl. I would like to bring my school bag.
I will be even bigger. I would like to do some work. Some house work or computer work.

I'd like to add that each answer was given in a super excited high pitched voice. I'd add exclamation points each time but it gets a little silly.

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  1. This is perfect, we did this with our boys it was fun an it will be so great to look back at when all the little perfect things have been forgot and we are dealing with unruly teenagers.


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