i'm makin' waffles

7:00 AM
For our wedding we were given one of the most awesome single use appliances ever.
A waffle maker.
It has sat in our cupboard for many a day. Coming out for a spin whenever
I am rummaging to find a bowl or tray and stumble upon it.

We brought it out a few days ago and the girls are big fans.

Pancakes, turkey(ish) bread, waffles, cake. It's all in the same yummy
carbohydratey group. You know, the white food group.

Sometimes when I feel a whiff of motherly creativity we switch on the waffle
maker and experiment.

#1 The peanut butter waffle
Pour the mix in and then spoon a teaspoon full of pnb into the mixture.
Stir it all around until the pnb melts. Works best with crunchy.

#2 The nutella waffle
Same as above. Even more delicious. Or you could just slather nutella
on already cooked waffles. Or just eat it off the spoon.

#3 The marshmallow waffle.
Slightly dangerous. In the waffle maker, marshmallows turn into melty sugary
red hot balls of death. Wait till they are cool before devouring.

#4 The sprinkle waffle
Not as pretty as it sounds. The sprinkles kind of melt into the waffle and each other
giving you something that looks mainly brown.

We had fun. The girls ate more mixture than waffles. I ate too much nutella.
What more could you ask for?

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