Not quite what I had expected.

11:28 PM

It's really easy to get caught inside your own head. 
Overthinking the words you said, berating yourself for not living up to your goals, worrying about your life your kids your relationships.

Recently I've been caught in my head about reading the bible. Now I could write pages on this topic but for now I want to write about the She Reads Truth movement you'll have heard me banging on about a few times before if you are a regular reader. 

In a nutshell, it's about women reading the bible together, all across the world. It's awesome. A great big step in the right direction. I extoll it's virtues to everyone I talk to about reading the bible.

But I've got a dirty rotten secret. I'm terrible at following the SRT plans. Really. Terrible. I haven't got through any of them. Started plenty but never made it through. I've been reading other plans or free styling it but reading together with the ladies? Nope.

So, does this make me a hypocrite?
Well...yes. And no.

I was thinking about it the other day and getting all guilty but then I was reminded of a friend who I shared SRT with. She was writing a talk all about the joy of reading God's word. 
Lately I've watched her transform and shine as she embraces the love story on offer in the bible. 
SRT may not have completely clicked with me but it kickstarted her huge spiritual growth. 
She's gone on to share it with others who will in turn be blessed and hopefully pass it on too.

I saw another friend using #shereadstruth on instagram and am reminded of her beautiful heart that has been
a huge encouragement to me. I see her scripture drawings and thank God for her as my friend.

You see, when you are a Christian it's not all about you in your head.
It's a community. Sometimes you are put in a situation for another persons benefit, not yours.

The story of Esther is like this. Esther was a Jewish woman made queen, married to a foreign king who was all 
set to persecute her people. Her uncle reminds her that she was put in this position "for such a time as this."
She was put there to save her people. It wasn't about her story, it was about God's story and his glory.

So instead of guilt, I can feel joy.

Each of us have a time we have been placed in and each of us have people we have influence over. 
What a joy to get outside our own heads and encourage and inspire those around us. 
What a joy to rejoice when others get it right and grow and grow instead of being caught up in the guilt in our
heads as we fail. 

In turn, these ladies have encouraged and influenced me right back to be diligent and constant. 
I see their joy and I want it too. 

You see, they are in my life too for such a time as this.

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