Pinwheel Coffee Table DIY

10:08 PM

We were given a few pieces of furniture by some family friends. They were moving to a smaller place and let us have dibs before Vinnies. We picked up this plain wooden coffee table. A good bible study size. I'd seen some pinwheel table DIY's (mainly this one from A Beautiful Mess) and thought I'd give it a go.

The first thing you need to do is sand that table good. I think this table is at least 30 years old and there were a few lumps and bumps. Some were too big to be sanded away but that just adds to the general charm. Why not?

I kind of winged the design. I thought three colours would do the trick and got green, dark brown and gold. I LOVE the gold spray paint and have used it a few more times since, the brown was a bit too dark and looks black which wasn't really what I wanted but it's not too bad.

I started with a pencil dot to one side of the centre. I then used a tape measure to draw lots of long lines coming out from the dot right to the edge of the table. It doesn't matter how many you do just as long as they are multiples of the number of paint colours you have. i.e I had 3 colours so I needed to make 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 etc sections.

I taped off every third section and started spraying. In hindsight it probably would have been easier to use regular paint as the spray paint tended to get airborne and rest on the other sections but that's a lesson for another day. It was good to experiment with sprays. You could tape the sections a bit better and you wouldn't have this problem.

Wait for the first colour to dry and repeat with the second and third.

I left the legs bare to let some of the wood out but you could paint them one of the three or a totally different colour.

I'm noticing now that coffee cups are leaving rings on the table so you could either use coasters or let it add to the charm of a very different looking coffee table.

Hope you enjoyed the DIY. Let me know if you try one for yourself and send pictures. I'd love to see.

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