not all men in turbans are genies

5:47 PM
The other day we were riding the train home from the city. Lu and I were playing eye spy, looking out the windows, giggling, and having a fine time.

We get to Central station and Lu looks out the window with a gasp,

"Mum!" She cries "Its a genie!"

I look out the window and stifle a laugh. Standing on the platform is a portly Indian gentleman wearing a turban.

I turn back to Lu.

"He's not a genie." I say
"But look at his head," comes the reply "he looks like a genie!"

I tell her that while the man looks a little like a genie he isn't one. I'm fairly certain.

Lu doesn't buy it. She insists. I retort. She insists. I retort.

"Lu," I say "I think that man is a Sikh. He is from India like granny. Men who are Sikh grow their hair very very long and tie it up in a turban so they can keep it all neat and tidy. I know he looks like a genie because of his turban and yes genies do wear turbans but not all people who wear turbans are genies.

Not all people who wear turbans are genies.

I think there might be an important life lesson in that.


  1. Oh how I've missed reading these! Good to see you back in action!

  2. I can only echo what Hannah said. Life lesson and a half.


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