the flower girls

9:12 PM

A few weeks ago the girls were flower girls for their Aunty Em and Uncle Julian.
It was such a lovely day even if it was one of the hottest this summer has served up.

Smalls had very little idea of what her flower girl duties would be but we had
practiced and practiced the slow walk down the aisle with Lu and she had it like a pro.
Unfortunately the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray and when confronted with a
room chock full of people she got more than a little shy.
I ended up walking dragging her down the aisle.
Apparently everyone thought it was cute.

But all was well. The lovebirds were married, gelato was served and good times were
had at the Sydney Polo Club for the reception.

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  1. What a beautiful family! Those girls are adorable Erin :) xxx


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