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Let's face it. It's lovely to read to your child. But there are some books that make it very quickly down the back of the lounge.

Like the crazy pop up book that gets broken in five seconds, the one that is supposed to be about teaching children to behave well by showing them exactly how they might behave badly (I'm looking at you Dreadful David) or the one that has no story, no point and highly annoying characters.

But I've made a list of my favourite books. The ones that I might even read for a second time if asked.

1. Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

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Pretty much anything by this duo gets my tick of approval but this one is my favourite.
It's about a little monkey who's lost his mum.
He meets a butterfly who tries to help him but really has no clue. *Cue toddler hysterics*
It rhymes and can sort of be sung to the tune of "Hush
Little Baby." I like books that can be sung.

The pictures are lovely and have lots of extra little bits
that can help you tell the story. Lu always loves pointing out that the caterpillar is going to go nibble on the monkeys toes.

But my favourite bit, that brings a tear to my eye every time is the very last page.

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It just conjures up that moment when you see your babies again and they just do exactly that. Oh boy. Yep, I'll read that book again. 

2. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendack

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I can recite this book.
I'm sure I'm not alone.

I really like that my girls have great imaginations
and books like this have a lot to do with it.
We talk about the wild things and what they are
doing, we imagine that they are in our backyard.

I like that when they are being naughy I can call
the girls wild things and they know what might
come next.

Sensing a bit of a theme but I also get a bit mushy when Max smells good things to eat and
decides to go home to his mum food.

3. Maps by Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński

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I bought this book for myself the girls for Christmas. It's really
something. Each country is covered in detailed drawings of landmarks, food, people, animals. All sorts of interesting things from
the countries history.

I love maps. I could look at them all day.
This book really feeds my obsession.
Lu quite enjoys it too and it's been fun teaching her about the world,
mostly where Anna and Elsa are from, where Heidi and Peppa Pig live.
All the important things.

4. The Long Way Home by Alison Lester

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I can remember loving this book in primary
school. That's probably why it's on this list but
I love reading it to my girls too.
It's another imagination feeding book. Each
page has a brand new story to explore. Tea
with a fairy, a night in a mermaid cave, an
adventure over the seas with a pirate.

But then (surprise surprise) even though they've had a lovely adventure, it's so nice
to be back at home with mum and dad for a
nice cup of hot chocolate.

This book, and the whole Alison Lester set are
well worth the investment.

5. Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffries

Oh man, it's the same story. This book ends with hugging. You really know youre a mum when you like the books that end with hugging. 
This book is really sweet and sentimental. It also has a penguin that doesn't talk in it. 
He doesn't talk. He just wants to be friends. 
Oliver Jeffers has a sweet quirky sense of humour that I really enjoy. You can imagine that inside
each character he creates is a small version of his younger self. 
I love the way this book feels right out of some kids imagination without being so ridiculous that
you think it couldn't possibly be true. 

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