crazy party lady

7:00 AM
We decided to throw two birthday parties in two days for the girls.
Different groups of friends, new preschool buddies, different ideas about what
a birthday party means and my love of a good challenge all made it happen.

It was so great.

Norah had the Saturday big friends party.
We had lots of little kids running round like crazy.
Lollies, frankfurts and sausage rolls
and rainbow jelly.
A tent under the hills hoist.
Pass the parcel - Norah cried when it landed on her.
A baloon forest.
The lolly dada man. Pin the watermelon on the lady's mouth (Lucy's idea)
A blue cat cake. I gave Norah the choice and of course she chose the blue cat.

Lucy had a few of her new preschool friends over for a fairy party.
We had a very sugar filled afternoon tea
little teacups and pink jelly
nuggets and fairy bread (of course)
and babycinos for all.
a fairy and fairy treasure hunt,
party games which four year olds are so much better at!
There was so much happy screaming.
So good.

Most of the time I was having too much fun to take photos but here's a few.

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