four years old

9:17 PM
My big girl is four years old.

She's just the greatest. I could go on and on.
A killer imagination and facial expressions galore. She's helpful and kind and loves to sing.
She's full of questions and getting braver and more adventurous by the day.
She says the sweetest things and even though she loves going off to preschool she's not too
big for a big ole mama cuddle.

I'm really enjoying four so far.

But let's let Lu speak for herself. Just like last year, I've asked her a set of questions about herself. Here are her answers with my clarifying comments in italics.

I'm so glad that "cookies" wasn't the answer to 50% of the questions this time.

1. Favourite colour - pink
2. Favourite toy - Barbie Cinderella The one she was holding
3. Favourite fruit  - Apples
4. Favourite thing to watch on TV - Hoopla Doopla
5. Favourite food to have for lunch - Peanut butter sandwiches and bacon and cheese rolls.
6. Favourite thing to wear - Dresses. The dress I am wearing right now.
7. Favourite game - Hide and Seek. 
8. Favourite snack - Pink marshmallows.
9. Favourite animal - Giraffes and monkeys.
10. Favourite song - The princess songs. Itunes Frozen radio station. Any song with a lady waltzing about warbling with lots of strings is pretty good. 
11. Favourite book - The Steadfast Tin Soldier. 
12. Your best friend - Olivia from preschool. 
13. Favourite cereal - Cornflakes
14. Favourite thing to do outside - Play on the swings.
15. Favourite thing to drink - Orange Juice 
16. Favourite holiday - Our church holiday. It was fun and Kiara was there!
17. What do you like to take to bed? Rainbow unicorn. Rainbow unicorn is just pink. Lu told me he's called rainbow unicorn because he wanted to be rainbow and maybe God could make him rainbow. 
18. Favourite food for breakfast - Weet Bix. 
19. What would you like to have for dinner on your birthday? - Sushi We actually had leftover party food for dinner but made up for it later in the week with sushi AND Cinderella movie.
20. What would you like to be when you grow up? - A ballerina But we're not doing lessons. Lu tells me she already knows how to do ballet.

And here she is in all her wild and lovely glory.

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