two years old

7:00 AM
smalls is two years old

She is a bursting bundle of opposites.
Her happy is oh so happy and her sad could darn near break your heart.
And that serious face...
She gets very shy around people she doesn't know but is a crazy daredevil when she's comfortable.
One minute she wants her shoes on, the next minute off.
She'd like to wear this dress, no this dress, no this dress!

Shes such a chatty little fella. She gives a running commentary on life and finishes most sentences with, "K?"
She's invented a dance called the lolly dance (performed when sweets are nearby) and sings
beautiful songs to us all. She also wrote her own knock knock joke.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Trees who?
Trees fall down.

What a wit.

She also says pweeeeeese! She used to call rabbits "Peter butt's" (Peter Rabbit inspired) but now she
just calls them rabbits. It's nice when kids gain language but kinda sad when they don't use cute
baby words anymore.

Her most used sentence is "Cuddle Mama." Which, though adorable, gets a little taxing after the 3927423946273469237th time while cooking dinner.

She likes to eat all the food and is quite taken with babycinos. With marshmallow of course.
She likes helping me cook dinner or bake. She is a very efficient beater licker and would eat
all the cookie dough without bothering to bake it. (Wouldn't we all)

She uses the potty like a pro. Most of the time...

She's finally getting her four last teeth. The canine ones. They are taking such a long time to pop up.
I think we can attribute 3927423946273469236 of the "cuddle mamas" to these teeth.

She loves the swing, and digging, and baby dolls, and GABBA!, and 123 wheeeeeeeee, and dropping
Lucy off at preschool, (and pushing the preschool boys when they are playing with the toy she would
like and making them cry).

She likes her sister. They run around and play and laugh.
And then someone starts screaming. Usually Norah.

She shrieks with glee when she hears the front door and Dada comes home. She thinks his beard
is hilarious.

She's my crazy little pint sized dinosaur girl. I love her (and her intensity) so so much.

Why yes I did have to go back to Christmas to find a picture of her both smiling and clothed.

But that's nothing till you've seen the picture of the girls dressed up in Chinese traditional dress at the Friendship gardens on instagram. *snort*

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