what babycino is that

7:00 AM
You may have noticed that we go out to cafes a lot.
We do, it's true.
Having been born in Sydney's Inner West our girls are well at home surrounded by
Eddison light bulbs and artfully torn leather lounges.
They know their piccolo latte from their flat whites
and they know exactly how a babycino should be served.

So now that we live in the burbs we're on the hunt for the best babycino they have to offer.

Sadly I had a ton more photos on my phone but it has been lost forever into the abyss.

So enjoy these five. Click on the names for websites and locations.

Penshurst Deli & Cafe - $?

Your basic babycino. Froth, chocolate on top. In a paper cup for tiny unsteady hands.
No marshmallow but produced the perfect babycino monobrow.
Enjoyed by 1 out of 2 girls. The other had a pink milkshake.
A solid effort but by no means the best.
They have some nice caged in outdoor seating so we could enjoy the fresh air but not have our kids run into traffic.

The Palms Cafe - $1

Myl took Smalls here while we were on our church weekend away.
She spilt the babycino all over him. He wore it well.
Extra points for 100's and 1000's which added extra colour to his pants.

Laughing Goat Cafe - $0

HANDS DOWN BEST BABYCINOS EVER. The lady in the cafe came over when we entered and
asked if the girls could have a babycino and that she made them for free for all the kidlets.
Heck yes we said and out came the most phenomenal babycinos.
Froth, chocolate, 100's and 1000's, marshmallows, a chocolate flipping freckle AND a marshmallow.

This place is amazing. We spent ages enjoying breakfast and playing eye spy with the squillions of things they have decorated the place with.

Top cafe and my winner of the Babycino Cup.... which doesn't exist.

Lugarno Deli Cafe - $?

Standard fare babycino with TWO marshmallows and a teeny tiny cookie. Pretty good.
We can't remember how much it costs. I'd be willing to pay for this one.
The service is really nice too and they have high chairs.

I know this isn't about food but we ordered the girls pancakes to share and they brought out one serve of pancakes on two girl sized plates and it was just awesome.

This is our go-to before church breakfast or babycino place.

Meeting Morgan - $?

The new hipster cafe in town with super hipster babycinos.
Just look at that thing, it's flipping adorable in it's teeny tiny mason jar with it's ickle marshmallow.
I was all taking photos of it and Lu walked up and said,
"Look at that babycino, it's so small!"
And then she drank it down in one teeny tiny gulp.

Points for being so so rad but really, it's just too small.

Just a note, nobody paid me for these reviews. Nobody gave me anything for free. Except the goat place with their flippin' awesome cinos. But everyone gets em for free there.

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  1. No longer in baby chino land but loved your reviews. You should totally craft up a Babycino Cup for that lovely Laughing Goat Cafe experience - just to make their day. I'd steal someone's mini-kiddie just to get one!


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