1. Scooting along. That look. 

2. Chocolate froyo face and a strong shoulder to lean on. Peashuhh Dada cuddul.

We celebrated Mothers Day on Myls day off. A Thursday. It makes sense. 

The girls had made me a card and brought me breakfast in bed. 
We trekked back to our old hometown and had pie and milkshakes. We walked down King St and I got a new Mothers Day dress. Then we went to Sydney Park and the girls scooted around. Smalls is still a little uncertain and needs a little help in the steering department but Lu is getting really brave. She powers on but needs a little assistance with the brakes. Eek!

The next day I was given a treasure map at home and went round the house (with Lu's assistance) to find presents hidden all over. 
There was an itunes gift card - because I sing with the girls
some pyjamas - for snuggling
some sweets - because we all like sweets to share
and some seeds - because we like to garden together. Friday is our gardening day. 

Each night as I sing the girls to sleep, Lu sits up and says 
"Mum, I've got a present for you."
"What's that?" I say
"A kiss and a hug."
"Ah," I say "that is my favourite present of all."
And so she pops out of bed and comes and gives me a big hug and a big kiss and runs back to bed. 
I was treated to many of my favourite presents this week.

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