I cut the girls hair this week. Yes me.
Yes, I'm a little bit crazy.
No, they did not cut my hair.

It actually turned out pretty well.

I've been joking about cutting Smalls' hair for months. She had developed the famous baby hair curly mullet. Her hair was always in her face and her curls were everywhere.
Having hair as straight as Tony Abbot I really have little idea about how to manage curls and it was just getting a bit ridiculous.

So, armed with the knowledge that I may cut off my small ones curls forever I asked her if she would like to make an appointment at Salon de Mama. She said "Yes."

I love this kid to bits but she has been known to change her mind more than once a second so I wasn't going to give her time to back up.
I grabbed my comb, scissors and water spray bottle and off we headed to the backyard.

She sat beautifully. Mostly still. I think the fear of the scissors-near-face did it.
She wanted a cuddle a few times because two years old but we got through.
I think it looks pretty cute in a kind of 1920s curly flapper kind of way.

The curls are not as ringletty and sweet as they used to be but I figure they might come back. I might have to do some more curl maintenance googling.

Lu, the Rapunzel wannabe agreed to go next when I told her that the best way to grow long hair is to give it a little cut now and then.*
She's been telling everyone she sees about her "trim" and how special and important it is with the most solemn and serious face. It's very sweet.

Would I do it again?
It sure beats the $50+ I could have spent at the hairdresser and after all, it's only hair. It will grow back right?

*I assume this is true????

PS - I'm totally copping bad parent points for only posting a picture of one child but the other one was pulling faces she really doesn't want on the internet. 

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