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11:13 PM

My dad told my husband once;

"The best way to love your kids, is to love their mother."

If this is true, then I am one very loved child.

My parents have been married for 35 years today. They are spending their wedding anniversary in Rome.

Paris for 30, Rome for 35.
I wonder where they'll go for 40.

In this world of convenience and self-love 35 years is no mean feat.
As I see marriages around me struggle and crumble I see their love remain, and grow and thrive.

I am so thankful for my parents marriage as I am thankful for them.
I'm so thankful for the way my dad would never let any of my siblings or I say a bad word about our mum.
I am so thankful for the way my Mum never whinges or complains about Dad even though this seems to be the most popular way wives react to their husbands in popular culture.
I'm thankful for the babysitters I got to know, which means my parents were often out together on dates, investing in their marriage.
I'm thankful for the times we saw them dancing or cuddling in the kitchen. We would squeeze in between them and join in. Myl and I do this now, these are precious moments.
I'm thankful for all the holidays we took together, the places we went as a family.

I'm so thankful for the way that their marriage has thrived after they've become empty nesters.
In fact I think they are secretly so glad we are all gone.
They still go on dates and spend time together. They might even dance in the kitchen?
Heck, they've gone overseas twice! They're loving it!

They have set a fine example of a loving marriage to my siblings and I.
I am so thankful for that.
And thankful for them.

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad.
Have a good time on your Roman holiday.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Both your sentiments and memories and, as you say, the example they have given, not just to the three of you, but to all of us who have looked on for a picture of what a Christian marriage should look like.


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