shrinkie dinkie

We were at the craft shop the other day and they had a 50% off sale.
Nothing gets me going more than 50% off. It's a perfect opportunity to buy twice as much as you would already.

Or in this case. To walk in to a store and buy lots of very VERY useful things. Amirite?

I'd been looking out for some shrink plastic ever since seeing a very nice tutorial for making shrinkie jewellery in Mollie Makes but could only find it online with a hefty postage fee.
So you can imagine my delight when I saw it in that very craft store for (ahem) 50 blessed percent off.

The plastic was in. the. bag.

And so, the girls and I have had lots of fun experimenting.

It started off as one of those crafts that Mama does while the girls draw or paint because
- It's kinda tricky to draw on the plastic when you have small hands.
- I'm still a recovering control freak.

but then I realised that Lu could draw on a piece of paper, put the plastic over the top and colour in the drawing, and then I could trace her drawing onto the plastic with a black texta.

This makes for some very sweet (almost) completely kid made brooches.

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