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Lately I've been entertaining my hobbies and it's been so good.
You might have noticed that this dusty old blog has been getting a bit of a workout but it's not just the blog.

In stead of sitting and watching Gossip Girl on the nights that Myl is out for work (which has it's place don't get me wrong) I've been setting aside nights for different little hobbies.

Sunday night is blogging night. I put together all the posts for the week. As many as I do in that night is as many that get posted.

Friday night is music night. Oh lovely music night.
I've decided to do a bit of recording. Ideally I'd like to do some recordings of the lullabies I sing to my sweetie pies but I started with a version of the Dusty Springfield song "Son of a Preacher Man."

I really really love the Civil Wars cover of "I Want You Back." It's so incredibly beautiful. The first time I heard it I couldn't think of the song even though it sounded so familiar. Then the penny dropped.

So, inspired by this great track I sought to create my own Motown/Acoustic harmony cover.

Here it is.

I'm using Garage band and a USB mic and am still learning how to use all the settings.
I think each Friday I'll learn a little more and the songs should sound better and better.

I think it's rather fun. Thankyou for indulging my hobby.

Image Credit - Goldmine Mag

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