songs - two for the price of one

7:00 AM
I've had a few songs up my sleeve for a while.

The first is a little song I put together with the words of the prayer I pray for the girls each night.
It's short and sweet and Lu says she likes it. So I guess it works.

The second is Amazing Grace - Lullaby version.
With violin.

I've set myself the task of finishing the songs in one setting in one evening. This means they are very far from perfect. Forgive me.
If it were anything more than a hobby I would agonise and make it perfect.
But I think the agony ceases to make it fun.

That being said. Every time I listen to these tracks I hear the imperfections.
So maybe one day I will change the rules.

It was really fun to do.
It was especially nice to get out my violin and use this lovely feature on Garage Band in which you can create a loop and do as many takes of a particular section as you want.

I find the opportunities (as a non professional music playing adult) to get my violin out are few and far between. It's been good to put 13 years of lessons to use.

I hope you enjoy these.

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