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The girls invented a little game to be played in the car this week.

It's a slight variation on the game Spotto in which you look out the car window for yellow coloured cars. When you spot a yellow car, you yell out "Spotto!" and then you win.
Sounds fun? You ain't see nothing yet.

This new game, let's call it Boom.
Well, it starts out quite similarly. You look out your car window searching for yellow coloured cars but when you spot them you tell every member in the car and then together you shout "BOOM!"
It is very important that every person driving in the car say BOOM. Otherwise the game is pointless and people start forming very strongly worded opinions.

Anyway, the fun doesn't stop there. Once every person in the car has said BOOM the car explodes.
Not the car you're driving in, the yellow car. It explodes.

Not literally, gosh guys do you have no imagination?

But it does, it explodes.

It was at this point that I felt I needed to ask the inventor of the game a carefully worded question.

"Do you think that perhaps this game might not be so fun for the people riding in the yellow cars?" I ask, not quite sure whether the answer may reveal my almost five-year-old to be an emerging psychopath.

She of course has an answer for everything.

"Oh mum, (said in an incredibly condescending tone) they get donkeys. Donkeys appear for them to ride on."


So all over town, previous occupants of yellow cars can now be seen riding donkeys like our dear Lord Jesus through the streets of Jerusalem.

Things really got interesting when we pulled up next to a bright yellow hoon-mobile at the lights. It's occupants were busy drinking Tooheys New and making slightly rude hand gestures at their mate who was standing on the side of the road. He was replying with (ahem) a humorous display of his (ahem) manhood.

Anyway, of course the girls could not miss this display of citrine conveyance and we all together shouted out "BOOM!"

And for the next few minutes entertained ourselves with a giggle fest imagining these big tattoed delinquents riding on the backs of braying donkeys down the street.

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