3 - thirty one

So there's this thing that happens when you have a baby for the third time. It's called not taking any bump shots till you are pretty embarrassingly far along. I actually have some shots from about 21 weeks but the other thing about having a baby for the third time is that Sunday night blogging sessions have been replaced with Sunday night naps in front of Netflix. Ah, progress.

So anyway, here are some shots from my 31st week of pregnancy with Tiny. Hopefully this will kickstart a flurry of blogging activity but to be frank, it probably wont.

Thirty one weeks has gone so quickly. It's been a really big journey that I would love to write about another time. So many emotions. So many afternoon naps.

But for now I sit writing this feeling all kinds of arms and legs moving inside my tummy and I feel thankful for the tears and sorrow, the joy and laughter, the kicks, the heartburn, the crazy sore hips and the little kisses Tiny's sisters are always planting on my tummy. I'm thankful to God who has brought me safe thus far and taught me so much about joy as tears poured down my face.

So here's some photos that I'm glad I took as a reminder of the goodness of God. Not just in giving me this Tiny gift that I had prayed for but being good even when he didn't.

And also just to remember that bump!
Photos (and kisses) by Lu - who did not realise she had cut off my head in the last one.

If you'd like to see some much older baby bump photos, click here.

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  1. Erin! Just looking at this again and thinking how beautiful you look! Wish we could be there to meet little Tiny when he/she comes. Excited for you and praying for you.


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