Rowan's Lullaby

2:22 PM

A few years ago when I had a brief spurt of blogging I also decided to turn Friday nights into creativity night. I did a few different creative things. Opened an Etsy shop, made clothes and recorded some audiobooks. There are also some super cute videos of Lu and I singing some tunes.

So, I've reinstated Friday night creativity and recorded this little lullaby while I was trying to put a not so sleepy baby to sleep.

It's not fancy and I'm still trying to figure out garage band but if it puts a kid to sleep it's a winner in my book.

My rules for recording songs on a friday is that the song must be recorded and mixed in the one evening otherwise I will never ever finish. So it's there in all it's imperfect glory.

Hope you enjoy it. 

If you like what you hear feel free to click the little cloud icon up the top for some more tunes.

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