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My big girl is seven years old.

She's getting pretty grown up and I'm feeling like we're coming into a new stage of parenting.
We've been requested to not use the word "cute" with our big girl anymore and you know what? I'm totally fine with that.
Our big girl is kind, creative, witty, observant, helpful, fun and so great for a chat.
She's moved beyond the world of cutie pie and into the awesome world of big girl proper.

She has such a keen and observant mind and cracks dry jokes that are pretty hilarious.
She makes friends pretty well and plays imaginitive games with them. At school she plays koalas and her friends have invented a language to go with it.

A few months ago she really hit her stride with reading and has launched herself into reading chapter books. Roald Dahl, Billie B Brown, Thea Stilton and anything she can get her hands on. It is a joy to my heart.
She is playing the violin so well. We go through rough patches every once in a while where she looses the joy a bit but she is pretty amazing. I have to remind myself of how impressive it is that her tiny fingers can play such complicated pieces. It is one of my favourite parts of the day practicing with her.

She is a creative soul and spends most of her afternoons making potions out of bits and pieces she has found in the garden. Mostly kafir lime leaves. I am always the smell tester of said potions and boy are they strong!!
She loves to draw and invent and loves discovering all the bugs in the garden. We now have a pretty large knowledge of our particular local bugs and spiders. So. many. spiders everywhere. She has made me brave.

She's a friendly kid but takes a while to warm up. But when she does she can shout the house down and has a fiery temper like her Mama. She's a perfectionist and doesn't like to have a go till she knows she can do it. She knows her mind and doesn't do things with the crowd. There are good and bad things about this. She marches to her own beat and mostly inspires others to march along with her.

And yet, for all her independence and everything she still is my little girl who needs a snuggle with her mama. And for that I am grateful.

Here are her answers to The Questions.

A1. Favourite colour - green
2. Favourite toy - Toto
3. Favourite fruit  - Apples
4. Favourite thing to watch on TV - Magic School Bus
5. Favourite food to have for lunch - Sandwich vegemite
6. Favourite thing to wear - Skirt from granny
7. Favourite game - Hide and seek
8. Favourite snack - Fruit
9. Favourite animal - Baby monkey
10. Favourite song - Annie - together at last
11. Favourite book - Thea and Geronimo Stilton I don't need anything but you
12. Your best friend - Rowie 
13. Favourite cereal - Rice bubbles
14. Favourite thing to do outside - Play imaginative games
15. Favourite thing to drink - Water
16. Favourite holiday - Melbourne
17. What do you like to take to bed? Toto
18. Favourite food for breakfast - Vegemite on toast
19. What would you like to have for dinner on your birthday? - Pork buns and chicken skewers
20. What would you like to be when you grow up? - Scientist biologist 

21. Favourite shop - Kmart
22. What do you like to do when it's raining? - stay inside and play with rower and read stories
23. When it's not raining? - play outside
24. Favourite movie - Annie
25. Favourite game with your sister - School game

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